Introducing Witchcast – An Audio Series by George Silsby

Althea(Thea) Kane is a Witch who wants to use her abilities and knowledge to help people cope with and defend against the supernatural. She does this by hosting a live call-in podcast she calls Witchcast. Keep reading for cast and crew credits and the full episode transcript. Welcome to our Series Premier!

Welcome to our series premiere!

Witchcast is a audio drama created by George Silsby for Live Love Play in association with Busy Little Beaver Productions.
Voice Cast:
Thea-Shannon Kirkwood
Caller-Joseph Ross Bullock
Priest-Graydon Schlicter
Music Composed by
TJ Dover
Audio Engineer
Joseph Ross Bullock


“All I want for Christmas is to live”


It’s Christmas Eve, and during one of her first few podcasts, Thea gets a caller who is being hunted by a Vampire as he tries to make his way home to his family.

L1 Thea(Pronounced “Thee-Ahh)

It’s Christmas Eve, and you’re listening to me, Thea, on Witchcast! People have been asking me why, if I am a “real” Witch, I am doing this public show?

I want to help people who have no one to talk to, or turn to, who are caught in the danger of a supernatural threat.

So, against all tradition of my own kind-Witches, I have elected to do something about that.

And yes, I am a real Witch, but I don’t ride broomsticks, have no warts on my nose, (or anywhere else!)

If you have had any dangerous contact or suspect you have, with Ghosts, Were-creatures, Vampires, Demons or more, call me at 1-888-witchcast!

**We hear the phone**

L2 Thea

Thank you for calling, you’re talking to Thea!

L3 Caller

**Sounding out of breath and afraid**

I don’t know if you’re the real thing–but I tried the Police and they think I’m drunk or pranking them!

L4 Thea

Okay, calm yourself caller, what’s your name and what’s going on?

L5 Caller

My name is Ross– I went to the mall in Nightvale to get a late present for my pregnant wife–Oh god! I gotta keep moving while I talk! The thing is near, he’s hunting me!

L6 Thea

What’s near? Who is hunting you?

L7 Caller

A Vampire! I think– I was headed to my car, i heard someone trying to cry for help in a dark corner near the Mall!
I saw a Man ripping some poor guy’s throat open with his teeth–blood was gushing everywhere! He saw me looking at him and dropped the dude, started coming for me!

L8 Thea

Okay, stay calm! I’m googling the area…there’s a church 2 blocks from there on brooke street! You think you can reach it?

L9 Caller

I’ll try!

**sound of him breathless and running**

I tried 911! They threatened to arrest me for pranking them! I shouldn’t have said Vampire!!

L10 Thea

I’m going to try and send guardian spirits to help you!! I–i don’t know if it will work since I don’t know exactly where you are!!

L11 Thea

**The incantation is reverbed/echo in this as she says the words**

tueri a lamia RECENS!!

L12 Caller

What did you say?

L13 Thea

Lamia means “Vampire” In Latin. I attempted to summon spirits that will try and find you and protect you!

L14 Caller

I see something–they look like misty glowey people…they’re headed in the wrong direction! They’re flying away from here not towards!!

L15 Thea

Shit! How far are you from the Church?

L16 I–i can see it!  Oh shit! I also saw him! He spotted me, he was at the end of the street, now he’s running towards me!

L17 Thea

You can make it! If you can enter that church, on this of all nights, the vampire won’t be able to follow you in!

L18 Caller

I’m inside!! Oh God, I made it! I see him now..he stopped outside..he…what the hell is he doing…

L19 Thea

Stay calm! You are safe now! And among people!

L20 Caller

No..there’s no one here but a priest. He’s on a cell phone, looking at me.

L21 Thea

I’m sure it’s fine. Go tell him you were being chased by a mugger and need the police to come.

L22 Caller

Wait…the Vampire–he’s on his cell too. This is odd.

L23 Thea

What? He is? That’s very odd…he should be getting away from there.

L24 Caller

Father, can you call the Police? I was being chased and had to…

L25 Priest

I know, son. Did anyone see you come in?

L26 Caller

I don’t think so. But the guy is still outside.

L27 Priest

Good. I am very sorry my son.

L28 Caller

For what?

L29 Priest

For this.

**Hissing bestial sound**

L30 Caller

OH GOD! He’s a Vampire too!! NO!!!

The sound of screams and biting and bestial sounds

L31 Thea

NO!! How can he be? He’s in a church!

L32 Priest

“In the name of the Father, the son, and the holy spirit, may you rest in peace.”

Hello, whoever you are, young lady. Forget what you think you heard here–no one would believe you anyway.

If you are his wife, I’m afraid he won’t be home for the holidays.

Merry Christmas my child.

Silence for a few seconds

L33 Thea

Oh God…oh God.



Thank you for watching and reading.

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