RWBY: The Story So Far – Binge Worthy Prelude

RWBY is an anime style action adventure web series created by Rooster Teeth. The series follows four young women as they train to become huntresses in a world full of dangerous monsters and equally dangerous people.

RWBY: The Story So Far, Volume 1

Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xio-Long came to Beacon Academy to learn to fight the creatures of Grimm, marauding monsters who prey on human life. Together they form team RWBY(Ruby) and for the next four years they must to fight, learn, and live together. They befriend Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Phyrra Nikos, and Lei Ren [team JNPR(Juniper)] as they begin their journey to become Hunters and Huntresses.
In their first year, Volume 1, the teams resolve their own interpersonal conflicts and explore character backgrounds as elusive thief, Roman Torchwhick, goes on a spree of heists across the Kingdom of Vale. Blake and her new friend Sun confront Roman and his henchmen from The White Fang, an extremist group that once campaigned for civil rights, in the middle of a heist. Ruby, with the aid of a mysterious and aloof girl named Penny, stops the White Fang and chase Roman away. In the end the team RWBY bonds together, ready for whatever challenges come next.

Volume 2

The Kingdom of Vale is preparing for the annual Vytal Festival, a celebration of freedom and commemoration of the end of the most terrible war in the world of Remnant’s history. The team is restless and unwilling to step aside as Roman and his supporters plan their next scheme. They decide to seek him out and find answers about what he and the White Fang have planned. New friends Sun and Neptune join them. Meanwhile the hand guiding Roman, a mysterious woman named Cinder, arrives with her minions Emerald and Mercury to take direct control their mission.
Following the intel they gathered and taking advantage of the next phase of their training, Team RWBY ventures out to a ruined city guided by one of their professors, the eccentric and highly caffeinated Doctor Oobleck. Their investigation uncovers a plot to invade Vale and clear a path for Grimm to enter the city, led by Roman. The team fails to prevent the invasion and with the combined forces of Beacon Academy and the visiting Atlas millitary the day is saved. But Cinder’s plans are still in motion.

Volume 3

The Vytal Festival begins and all of Remnant is watching. The centerpiece of the festival is the tournament, where students from all four Hunter’s Academies fight for the pride of their school and Kingdom. The tournament progresses as it should but in the background tension begins to grow. Ruby and Yang’s uncle Qrow clashes with Weiss’s older sister Winter and some chafe at the presence of Atlas Military providing security for the tournament.
From the shadows Cinder continues to manipulate events, altering matches to pair specific teams. Though her efforts Yang, Penny, Mercury, and Phyrra fight to the finals . With Emerald’s help she embarrass Yang in her match with Mercury, disqualifying her and turning the audience against Vale. The worst of it was Phyrra match with Penny. Again Emerald’s influence caused Phyrra to overexert herself. The resulting effort left the robotic Penny cut to pieces on the floor, her demise broadcast to the entire world.

Fall of Beacon

Cinder struck, hijacking the broadcast and sowing fear and uncertainty to all the world but specifically in Vale. Grim flooded the kingdom, drawn to it by the surge in negative emotion. In the chaos Cinder descended beneath Beacon Academy seeking The Fall Maiden, a being of immense power. She took that power for herself and killed the Academy’s Headmaster, Professor Ozpin. The White Fang attacked, bringing more grim with them into the academy itself and killing everyone in their wake. Their leader, Adam, has a troubled history with Blake and his rage for her is terrible. Blake confronted him but Adam knew her too well and injured in their fight, disabling her just in time for Yang to arrive. Adam saw the connection between them and vowed he would destroy everything she loved as he severed Yang’s left arm.
Cinder is eventually foiled but not before killing Phyrra in front of Ruby at the top of Beacon tower. In grief and rage Ruby cried out and a light shone from her eyes, blanketing the entire academy and severely injuring Cinder. Ruby woke in her father’s cabin days later and far from the Academy. Though the city is safe, the school is  overrun with Grimm. Cinder escaped with Emerald and Mercury. Worse, her team was broken, Yang’s injury left her in a deep depression, Blake disappeared without word, and Weiss’s Father took her back to their home in Atlas.
Ruby couldn’t sit back and wait while Cinder remained at large. She joined the surviving members of JNPR and set out to find her and Cinder and her cohorts in the Kingdom of Mystral.

Volume 4

The story picks up a few months later. Viewers will finally see more of the World of Remnant but that’s a story for my full review of RWBY Volume 4. Look for it soon.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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