Battle Balloon Boss Battle

Welcome to Live Love Play and this Highlight from Sunset Overdrive. In this clip The Player takes on a massive promotional balloon mascot high above Sunset City in an explosive battle to the death! Keep reading for some short fiction based on the game!
Fuck my life. Seriously, Fuck My Life! Before the city went to absolute shit I was a damn janitor at the amphitheater. I picked up cigarette buts, beer bottles, and cleaned vomit at minimum wage. I worked for an asshole, worked with assholes, cleaned up after assholes, and went home to an asshole roommate.
Then the Overcharge craze took over and everyone I know and love….well, may not love, I hated everyone. Ok, everyone I know and hate turned into monsters. But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. With all the old asses dead I had to go out and meet a whole new group of them.
The city is in anarchy and here I am, the player character of this story, running errands. I spent two hours yesterday looting corpses and looking for old comic books for a shut in nerd for Christ sake!  There’s a group of Hipsters in a kid’s arcade and restaurant, one with animatronic mascots. There are Prepared for Anything teen scouts in a fortified Japanese Culture Museum with a troop leader suffering from delusions of grandeur. They’re all so needy, helpless, and lazy!
And now, to top this whole shit show off with a bright red cherry, I climb up a massive fucking radio tower just to fight a giant ass balloon mascot with laser eye cannons! Let that sink in for just a second. Of all the defenses Fizzco already uses they decide to weaponize a massive balloon mascot and arm it with LASER EYES! Fuck This! Once I figure out how to kill this thing I’m going to go gram a beer or dozen.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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