Supergeeks Episode 21: Oh My!

Welcome to another episode of Super Geeks, the weekly podcast where we talk about all things geek from Superheroes to roleplaying.
In this episode we get a little Star Trek heavy as we talk about the news that in Star Trek Beyond the character of Sulu is being portrayed as a father in a same-sex union. Sulu is gay and that’s ok. This subject carries on into social representation and pushing boundaries in both Star Trek and Sci fi in general.¬† Social interaction follows with discussions about social media raging back to the days of message boards.
The review of Star Trek Online’s latest expansion: Agents of Yesterday follows with mixed impressions by the hosts. The topic shifts to a discussion about the game and each host’s issues with the game in general. George has a hard time suspending belief. Anthony has a hard time with the game’s Mechanics. Will has a hard time with the game as a whole. Friend of the show and host of Tribbles in Ecstasy, Sunsheal, joins the hosts and shares her own impressions as well.
Hosts in this episode and where to find them
George Silsby @Chooch99a
Will Holland @Intrinsicus
Anthony Battles @AnthonyBattles
John Hoagland Vanishing Point
Special Guests
Sunseahl Silverfall
Michael Hinman

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