Power Ranger Nostalgia – The Live Blog

Welcome to The Live Blog, a blog about life, living, and experience. In this blog I comment and reflect on Twitch’s massive 22 season Power Ranger marathon and the childhood nostalgia it inspired in me as I watched.

AGDQ 2017 Marathon Recap – The Live Blog

AGDQ2017 Games Done Quick is about three things at heart. Raising money for charity, playing games quickly, and breaking records. This year they did both in great form. A grand total of $2,218,120.30 was raised for The Prevent Cancer Foundation, a huge increase from the previous best total of $1.5 million set in 2015. I…

Definition of Insanity? Halo 3 Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this Livestream Highlight from Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In this highlight, featuring Halo 3, I attempt to break the Covenant lines and reach the shield control tower. It doesn’t go well. Keep reading for my thoughts and impressions of the Halo series.

The Live Blog: Outside SDCC 2016

Outside SDCC 2016 San Diego Comic Con International is well-known as a mecca of popular culture. Once a year the biggest names in entertainment come to the city to present the latest in Television, Movies, Comics, and Collectables to the masses. Those massed descend upon the city in the tens of thousands. Entry is exclusive…

The Live Blog: Reflection of Service

Hello my friends, this is Ross and welcome to Live Love Play’s first live (as in living) blog. In this series of blogs I will be sharing experiences, adventures, and sea stories that I hope you all find entertaining. Today I want to share a more general story, a period of time that has dominated…